Compared to blogs, YouTube, and Facebook, podcasts as a new medium have not caught on nearly as well. Yet, they pack the power of radio into a package with all the flexibility of digital media, including distribution via RSS, and anybody with a computer and/or iPod can enjoy the wealth of available professional and amateur content. Do not mistake this relative lack of reach for weakness: podcasts reach millions of people around the world across thousands of highly targeted and influential listener communities. Understanding the pros and cons and ins and outs of this medium is the first step to joining a powerful media transformation taking place behind millions of white earbuds.


Create a podcast episode and syndicate it online


Able to subscribe to your podcast in iTunes from your blog

Able to listen to your podcast from your blog via an embedded mp3 player

Use of tags and/or categories to organize your podcast within your blog

Use Feedburner.com to add iTunes tags to the feed

Tag the mp3 file with artist, year, and genre information

first steps

Record some audio: (get creative, this could be anything)

Export the audio as an mp3 file

Tag the audio (most audio players allow you to do this within the application)

Upload the mp3 file to your blog or a podcasting service

Integrate the podcast with your blog

Burn the feed using Feedburner and insert the iTunes tags (make sure to click "I'm a Podcaster" when burning the feed)

Watch out for some blogs not letting you use external protocol links like itpc:// or pcast:// this will break your links to iTunes, so watch out. Setup a dummy blog for this assignment if necessary to meet the requirements.


50 points possible

Up to 10 points for each requirement (make sure to test all requirements out on your computer and a friend's to make sure everything functions properly)

Points off for cutting corners or other evidence of a lackluster effort

Creativity is welcome and encouraged


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resources & examples

Podcasting with Blogger and video | using blogger to podcast

WordPress.com and audio files | how to embed audio in your wordpress posts (i.e. podcasting)

Podcasts – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | check out the external resources section

Audacity | free audio editing software

Internet Archive Audio | free file storage for your podcast mp3 files (good for wordpress free accounts)

How to Start Your Own Podcast: 11 steps – wikiHow | a gentle intro to starting a podcast

Adding an iTunes subscribe button | a search index of different links depending on which blog you are using

Feedburner.com and podcasting documentation | adding your feed to Feedburner creates an iTunes subscribe link for you and a bunch of other features